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CellPac BLOX

CellPac BLOX

What is Cellpac BLOX?
The BLOX system bridges the gap between CellPac LITE (the range of 17 standard Lithium Ion battery products) and CellPac PLUS, the design and production service for fully customized Lithium Ion power solutions. The CellPac BLOX program looks to offer semi-customizable solutions for quick and easy design-in with minimal engineering fees.

How does it work?
With some consultation together with our Sales team, you select from standard cell and PCM (Protection Circuit Module) components. You create a Lithium Ion or Polymer soft pack battery consisting from 150mAh to 5200 mAh with a specific connector and label to fit your application requirements and generate a semi-customised battery solution.

Why use CellPac BLOX?
Compared to a fully customised design, CellPac BLOX gives you:

  • A better technical fit than an off-the-shelf design.
  • Faster product launch.
  • Lower costs for battery development.
  • Lower MOQs.
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