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ENGION - Power Pack Solutions for pedelecs and e-bikes

CellPac BIKE - Engion Battery packs for pedelecs

The CellPac BIKE product division under the brand Engion at VARTA Microbattery provides individually customized battery packs specifically for pedelecs and LEVs (light electrical vehicles). They provide the required surge current and long range for a relaxed cycling experience. Engion Bike packs are lightweight, and impervious to heat, cold, moisture, dust, and mud.


VARTA Microbattery uses the most progressive lithium-ion rechargeable cells for Engion CellPac BIKE batteries. They provide the surge current that E-bikes need to climb steep hills. The high power density of the cells ensures a long range, although they are smaller and lighter than other types of cell at comparable prices.

We use type 18650 li-ion cells for Engion Power Pack Solutions. Since they have already been used by us in numerous applications involving several million charge processes, you can rely totally on our technical specifications.

Intelligent electronics

Each Engion CellPac BIKE battery pack is equipped with electronic control that guarantees maximum yield and prevents incorrect operation.

Charge display
Shows cyclists how much power they have left. Uses Impedance Tracking™ technology.

Active cell balancing
Ensures that each cell in the lithium ion power pack is evenly charged and discharged, thus maximizing the utilizable capacity.

Software monitoring
Protects the battery against damage when attempting to charge or discharge it in unsafe operating conditions.

Designed for harsh outdoor use (protection class IP64)

Pedelecs can be exposed to extreme weather conditions, such as heat, rain or snow, and to soiling from the dirt on the road, or mud. Engion CellPac BIKE power packs are therefore protected in a sturdy casing that has been tested to ensure its ability to resist cold, heat, moisture and UV. The entire battery pack complies with the requirements of protection class IP64.

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